Sunday, 28 August 2011

DIM SUM @ Koufu, U Town

And  like many, I too waited for the Indian food outlet to open at U Town Koufu and almost never ventured into the already happening place. My discovery of the food court only began after the official inauguration of the Indian stall. And lately I found many many things better here than the only thing I was waiting for.

Most recently, my favourite snack stall is Dim Sum. Began with a question, do u have anything vegetarian here a few days ago....and today went on to discover a range of things in their window apart from my favourite Curry Puff ( stuffed with potato) and veg Spring Roll: Peanut Sesame Ball, Mushroom Pie, Cheeze bo lo Bun, Vegetarian Char Xiu bo lo Bun, Green Bean Sesame Ball,  and Carrot Cake.

What adds to DIM SUM's image and food is the friendly staff. Very friendly and hospitable.

You might disagree with this fact as to how does staff matter and how does it anyway influence the food. I strongly believe and would love to argue that the aspect of emotion and attitude in work and especially in food, matters a lot and influences how our mind/ body takes in and reacts to it. Bad emotions create bad food. Good emotions  produce good food. No wonder even after eating in the best of places we may develop bad stomach, food poisoning. At times becoz of bad staff we may decide never to go there. At times good looking food might taste bad.  Might as well sit in our body like a heavy something for hours because of mysterious reasons.

Am I speaking in air? try out yourself....

till then, let me discover more things for you....

29th August 2011.


Arvindh said...

is curry puff vegetarian( no egg) ??


indian.nus said...

The ones in Koufu- Dimsum have no eggs. I did cross check. Thanks

dkalbermatter said...


thanks for that article, I'm always looking for vegetarian food at the koufu in utown. My tipp is the aglio-olio spaghetti at the western stall, which I like very much. But that might be with eggs in the pasta.