Friday, 26 August 2011

Simple and straight

What happens when you have potatoes and several other veggies in the refrigerator and you have no desire to get out and have dinner?

My flatmate had eventually called me back seeing one of my calls that he had missed.
"whats up for dinner?" I asked. 
"Am in subway. What abt u?"
 " Ahh subway today....may be I will have something at home...
" But what?"
 "If you havent yet bought anything, just come, we will work out something, we have veggies in the refri."
 "Ok, I will get bread"

So, till he arrived, I cut the veggies into pieces and boiled them in the microwave.
soon with other ingredients like spices and butter we had an end result called Bhaji....yes, the same bhaji eated with pav.

Simple to cook, tasty  and ofcourse better.

(a must: Butter, pav bhaji masala and tomatoes)

Having bought some veggies last week as a trail run for cooking at home in the MW, the evening confirmed/ rather propels me to go for shopping groceries regularly.

 Little India is a good place to shop as you get many known indian vegetables there plus spices. Clementi  too has vegetables, esp the heavier ones (like potatoes, onions and tomatoes) can be bought from there.

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