Thursday, 25 August 2011

Gurkha@ Little India

It was Menusha's Birth day.

Party time? yeah, it was lunch at Gurkha Restaurant in Little India.

Gurkha is a Nepali restaurant and the food was awesome. Though many dishes just looked pretty familiar. But thanks to my friends, one more option to the list of food venues.

One might say Little India has to have lots of veggie food but not all places I have tried were good. Many were sheer disappointments, even though their brand names have been very popular in India. I remember having curd rice in one of the famous brand- restaurant chains in Little India and it was bad. Probably something to do with the Curd's consistency . It tasted bad. Almost unacceptable. Another place with very big name and so with a big size of their hoarding, had bad dosa, rava dosa and uttapam. Of course not that it was stale or gone bad, but the taste was sad. All three that we friends had ordered looked a disappointment.

But dont miss a restaurant named Delhi. Its again awesome. I am sure you will love to go there the second time.

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Menu said...

Check out Murugan Idli on Al-Syed Road next time you are in Little India. They claim to have better idli's than that in the Indian branch.