Wednesday, 24 August 2011


The class is over at 9.30 pm and I am rushing back to the subway. pretty hungry. Ohhh the staff says they are closed....Gosh...the food court is also closed at 9.00 pm. Would it be sandwich again? or maggie? or just tea and biscuits.

I come home and decide to cook rice with whatever is available in the refrigerator.

I have cooked rice once. tried and tested it. the rice, I had picked up at mustafa on my last visit. Plus some spices and veggies.

with plain rice, do I cook veggies seperately? no, let me do some experiments.

and what comes out????


very modest but good, in taste and looks. that too in a microwave.

recipe ? if u request, I shall pass it on to u.

24th august 2011

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