Sunday, 18 September 2011

NAMASTE INDIA @ Little India

Having tried much of south Indian food @ Little India and not very much happy with the same, We decided to try on some north Indian. We went to this place called Namaste India. Two men called us in, probably they owned/ managed the place.
We ordered Tawa Roti and Veg- Kolhapuri (sounds very deccani) and mix veg raita. Thought we could order the rest later after tasting the food.
The roti was hard.
The sabzi had no fresh vegetables. The beans looked dead which was just immersed in the spicy gravy and served.
The raita was not that bad.
It reminded me of those many restaurants in and around delhi which weigh on the gravy to get their profits....the bad southindian food I have been having in Little India now seemed much more better than this.
We paid the bill and got out after the first of our rotis were over.
Bad day.
As we walked on the road, we found many small hotels , very much like in small south Indian towns, crowded, platefull and brimming with aroma. The next visit would be to these inexpensive places which remind me of those days where food was displayed in wooden-glass counters and served in banana leaf....probably these could be the earlier ones, much before brands like Saravana Bhavan and Sagar ratna came in...

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