Monday, 19 September 2011

Boiling Daal in Microwave

The latest experiment in my kitchen was preparing dal. Having got bored with eating rice and sabzi, I needed to expand my menu for dinner. Given that Dal can be a pain to boil especially without the pressure cooker and having never tried it boiling in the microwave, I thought it was high time I proceed with this one.
So having picked this one Kilo packet of arhar dal and taking the risk of wasting it if my visualised process did not bear fruit (can always take it back to India, I thought, if things didn't work), One evening I proceeded with it.
Just do it I said to myself. And Lo, here it was my first dal in singapore. Successful, aromatic and ofcourse right for my taste bud.
Boiling dal:
Soak Dal in water for atleast half an hour till the dal becomes soft and breaks into two.
Take a microwave- safe vessel with a lid, preferably if its a rice cooker whose lid can be sealed.
add dal and water (1:3 cups)
boil it for 15 minutes on high.
One needs to check in between if additional water is needed. use your own measurements looking at the depth of the vessel used so that the water doesnt spill out much.
Once the dal is cooked, its ready for further treatment.
temper it oil, zeera/ mustard , crushed garlic, turmeric powder, tomatoes, onions....curry leaves etc etc etc...all in different ways we know and cook in India.
(while you heat oil, be very careful and it should be under extreme supervision. Over heating may catch fire....just warm it, dont make it very hot. 30sec -45 sec is enough for a TB spoon of oil in MW.)
garnish with finely cut corriander. Dont forget to add salt.
serve hot with rice and ghee. Or roti. or just the way you like it.

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