Saturday, 24 September 2011


Salad Bar


Apple salad and pasta @ 2.80 sgd

After a cold and boring workshop in FoE, that too in on a rainy morning, it looked all dim and lazy until I came across this cozy place on level seven of FoE. It said, E2 Cafetaria.
Its name is Olive cove and seems to be a Thai restaurant.
A smiling lady welcomed me in and I went on to survey the place.
They have vegetarian food and a Plate of Rice and three veggies cost u 3.50 SGD.
What caught my mind was their salads.
they have three types: Apple salad, potato salad and pasta....all vegetarian and you can pick a combination of two for SGD 2.80.
The ambience is cosy and the salad (i picked apple and pasta) was quiet good.
I spent some 45 minutes there eating and studying the place.....and returned with a bright mood...good bye lazy morning.
Thanks Olive Cove, you made my day.

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